2024 Exhibition Schedule

Important Cultural Property, Shouldered Tea Container, Named “Aburaya”, Southern song-Yuan Dynasty, China,13th – 14th Century, Hatakeyama Memorial Museum of Fine Art
Masterpieces from the Hatakeyama Memorial Museum of Fine Art : Fumai & Rinpa
19 April 2024 (Friday) ~ 10 June 2024 (Monday) The Hatakeyama Memorial Museum of Fine Art houses the collections of the Ebara Corporation founder Hatakeyama Issei (1881–1971), better known in the tea ceremony world as Sokuō. Hatakeyama opened the Hatakeyama Memorial Museum of Fine Art to share his notable collections with the public. This special exhibition introduces masterworks from his museum, which has been closed for renovation, with a focus on prized objects in Chanoyu (tea ceremony), the decorative aesthetic of Rinpa, as well as the collection associated with a renowned tea master, Matsudaira Fumai (1751 – 1818). This is the first exhibition in the Chugoku-Shikoku region featuring Hatkeyama Memorial Museum of Fine Art’s collection.
Shintani Masahiro, Draft of the cover layout for POPEYE (reproduction), 2023 and the cover of POPEYE, published on 10 June 1978 © MAGAZINE HOUSE CO., LTD.
Design for anan and POPEYE– Art Work of Shintani Masahiro
28 June 2024 (Friday) ~ 2 September 2024 (Monday) Shintani Masahiro (1943 – ) is a graphic designer who lives in Oki-gun, Shimane. Shintani joined a group of editorial designers when anan, an innovative magazine was first published in 1970. The art director of the magazine was Horiuchi Seiichi (1932 – 1987). Shintani carried on working as an art director for POPEYE, BRUTUS, and Olive magazines published by MAGAZINE HOUSE CO., LTD. This special exhibition introduces the alluring quality of his editorial design.
Ochiai Rofu, Kegon Buddha, 1931, Kakufuzan Chinzoji Temple
Ochiai Rofu: The World He Aimed to Create with the Meiro Art Federation
20 September 2024 (Friday) ~ 4 November 2024 (Monday) Ochiai Rofu (1896 – 1937) was a Japanese-style painter who worked between the Taisho era and the beginning of the Showa era in Japan. He founded the Meiro Art Federationin 1934. Ochiai created a series of pioneering works that questioned the stereotypical image of Japanese-style painting. Rofu’s father was from Hirata, Shimane and Rofu regarded Hirata as his legal domicile. This exhibition introduces the world Rofu and his friends aimed to create.
The 57th Shimane Prefectural Citizen’s Cultural Festival – General Art Exhibition (KENTEN)
16 November 2024 (Saturday) ~ 24 November 2024 (Sunday) This exhibition features award-winning works from the General Art Exhibition of the Shimane Prefectural Citizen's Cultural Festival.
Yamamoto Yoshiyasu (Kurayoshi City, Tottori), Yakishime-Yohen Vase, Japan Broadcasting Corporation President Award
*Exhibited at the 70th Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition
The 71st Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition
11 December 2024 (Wednesday) ~ 25 December 2024 (Wednesday) An exhibition of carefully selected works from seven fields of traditional Japanese crafts: ceramics, textiles, urushi lacquerware, metalwork, wood/bamboo work, dolls, and various other crafts. The exhibition features approx. 270 pieces including the works of “Important Intangible Cultural Property” title holders (known as Living National Treasures), award-winning pieces, and the works of craftsmen from the San-in region (namely, Shimane and Tottori Prefectures).

Please understand that the exhibition titles and/or exhibition dates may change due to unavoidable circumstances.